About Dynamic Energy Solutions

Dynamic Energy Solutions (DES) Limited is a project management & systems integration company that strategizes, develops & delivers power storage solutions to industry. Our experienced team of energy consultants work with qualified partners to provide power storage systems at prices that are cost effective & that meet or exceed each client’s long term energy needs.

Dynamic Energy Solutions provides solutions in the following areas:

  • Renewable Energy/Alternate Energy Solutions - including wind, solar, grid, industrial, ocean current and wave energy.
  • Conventional Energy Solutions - including nuclear, diesel, coal and hydro electric energy.
  • Off Grid/Remote Energy Solutions - including solutions for the 8000 remote communities in British Columbia and recreational properties.
  • Application Engineering Solutions

Find out how Dynamic Energy Solutions can become your alternative power strategist by contacting us today.

About the Founder

George Roddan, BSc., P.Eng.

Mr. Roddan has been involved in mechanical engineering for industry as well as hydrodynamic design and development of marine craft for the last 30 years. He has extensive experience in physical model testing, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as well as detailed structural design and analysis of all types of machinery, structures and vessels.

His consulting work has entailed design, construction and testing of the latest mega-yacht, large passenger vessels, as well as sailboats and tugs, barges and other marine craft. He has extensive experience in driveline engineering for large marine vessels and has worked on projects with up to 12 Mega-watts installed power. He has particular expertise in improving and trouble-shooting designs with performance-related as well as safety and forensic related issues.

For the past few years he has been closely involved with industrial hybridization which is a new field that has huge potential for significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions across many different industrial sectors. He has lead innovations which will become commonplace in both the commercial, public and private sectors and will provide a leading edge for North American technology in this area.

Mr. Roddan is a frequent, familiar and popular keynote speaker in the Marine industry on the subject of industrial hybridization.

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