Dynamic Energy Solutions Limited (DES) - Tsawwassen Springs Golf Course leads the way with the first installation of the revolutionary advanced DES Stealth Mode lithium storage battery system

August 18, 2014

Dynamic Energy Solutions  Ltd. (DES) of Vancouver BC is pleased to announce North America’s first successful installation of its revolutionary DES Stealth ModeTM lithium storage battery system in a Jacobsen 322 electric greens mower. The system was provided to Tsawwassen Springs Golf course in Tsawwassen BC.  The golf course is located in close proximity to their single family homes and condominium complex, which requires that all greens maintenance activities have as low a noise signature as possible.
The Jacobsen 322 electric allows for very quiet cutting compared to similar noisy diesel or gas propelled machines. DES engineers performed extensive testing of their DES Stealth ModeTM system to ensure the system had the capacity to mow all 18 greens without re-charging.  The new advanced system will provide a longer life and it will require no maintenance compared to the standard lead acid storage system it replaced. DES CEO, George Roddan, says that “a revolution is occurring in the golf industry to move to more efficient and greener solutions that provide quieter maintenance equipment for luxury single family homes and condominium developments.”
As Tsawwassen Springs Golf Resort Superintendent Gord Olson explains going electric with conventional lead acid technology wasn’t enough to meet his needs.  “We originally purchased two electric greens mowers, three electric utility vehicles and an electric trap rake in order to get ahead of golfers without violating noise by-laws and frustrating area residents.  But unfortunately, after two years we found that the lead acid batteries used on these electric systems were too time consuming to maintain and failed to provide the battery life that we required in a day.  We have been using the lithium alternative battery solutions from DES for a while and we’ve been very impressed with how it holds its charge.  After cutting eighteen greens we still have enough battery life in a DES Stealth ModeTM lithium battery to keep going.  As a result, we’ve saved countless hours in maintenance and decreased fuel costs while being a greener organization and a good neighbour.”
To learn more about Dynamic Energy Solutions Limited’s Stealth Mode energy solutions go to www.dynamicenergysolutions.net.
George Roddan, P.Eng.
CEO/Founder, Dynamic Energy Solutions Limited

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