Dynamic Energy Solutions Limited (DES) – Columbia Edgewater Golf Course in Portland, Oregon recommends Stealth Mode DES Lithium Batteries in Golf Carts

December 17, 2015

(Portland, Oregon) Columbia Edgewater Golf Course Equipment Manager James Herzog found it expensive replacing his lead acid batteries for his golf carts at a cost of $1200 each. 

After being recommended to DES, Herzog ordered two sets of Stealth Mode DES lithium batteries that he expects will give him 25% to 30% longer running time.  Herzog said that his lead acid battery carts would only last three quarters of a day but his current Stealth ModeTM DES lithium batteries are lasting a full day or more. 

In addition, Herzog points out that the Stealth ModeTM DES lithium batteries provide constant power all of the time.  “If you go up a hill on the carts using the Stealth Mode DES lithium batteries they don’t slow down like lead acid batteries” said Herzog.  

Herzog would highly recommend other greens equipment managers make the move from lead acid batteries to Stealth ModeTM DES lithium batteries to lower long-term costs and maintenance while improving power and longevity. 

About Columbia Edgewater:

Columbia Edgewater was established in 1924 as Columbia Country Club. Arthur Vernon ("A.V.") Macan was selected to design the course, which opened on July 11, 1925 and was the seventh 18 hole course in Portland.  Macan was the premiere designer of the time in the Northwest, renovating or designing over 60 courses in his lifetime. Other courses designed by Macan include Seattle Golf Club, Inglewood Golf Club, Overlake Golf and Country Club and Marine Drive Golf Club.

Columbia Edgewater has also played host to many great Pacific Northwest golf events, including:

  • The Oregon Open: 1929, 1930
  • The Portland Open, a PGA Tour Event: 1961-1963, 1966
  • The Oregon Amateur: 1928, 1938, 1952, 1961, 1973, 1984, 1997, 2007
  • The Northwest Open: 1963, 1970
  • The LPGA Safeway Classic: 1974-2008, 2013
  • US Open Sectional Qualifier: 2010

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