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DES introduces revolutionary Lithium Module Battery Packs
for Electric Triplex Mower, Electric Walker & Golf Cart

DES Target Market:
Users interested in replacing lead acid batteries used in new electric greens mowers & electric golf carts.

First, DES successfully designed a prototype lithium battery module in the electric greens mower application.

Currently, lead acid batteries under certain conditions have difficulty cutting all 18 greens on one charge. In colder climates a lead acid battery's efficiency is reduced another 30% to 40%.

DES designed lithium modules are capable of completing a golf course in a single charge with little or no change in efficiency due to fluctuations in temperature.

DES designed modules are 48 volt nominal.  

The DES designed greens mower module's working voltage range was designed to closely mimic the lead acid batteries characteristics. The required energy to serve a complete golf course was closely estimated before the design of the pack.

DES is designing similar modules in 24 and 48 volt versions for marine, remote power and golf cart applications.  For each application DES carefully simulates the required performance.


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Manufacturer is ISO 9001:2008 certified in June 2010 from BSI
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DES Lithium Battery Module for Jacobsen E-Walker Greens Mower cuts up to 9 greens per mower on 1 charge.